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The Oneness of New Mexico. Legislative, Executive, Judicial: unified! Politics and Government: same-same.

Word From The Mountain: Natural Law And Taylor Ranch

Wood Cutters, Grazers, Loggers. . . Not So Fast There, Peak Baggers

Some rights to use land come, not out of the literal terms contracts, but rather out of “pre-existing and higher authority of laws of nature, of nations, or of the community to which the parties belong,” the Colorado territorial court said in 1872.

Compulsory Union Dues? No Problem

There are worse things, in this age of credit-card penalties, cell phone ripoffs, etc.

The old anti-union bulls of the New Mexico Legislature will bellow their horns off in the pastures of heaven when they hear about Fair Share.

Tim Jennings Is The Man For NM Senate President Pro Tem

Will Bill Richardson fight the move to restore balance to the Legislature?

The New Mexico Senate has operated under a constitutional leadership fiction since Manny Aragon took power. Time to reorganize, but will the senators do it or will Bill Richardson do it for them?

There’s A Red Light Blinking On The NM Political Machine

And Bill Richardson seems content to ignore it

Roman Maes, a powerful Democratic state senator going for a sixth term from liberal Santa Fe, defeated himself by indulging in conservative rants. Your attention, please, Bill Richardson.

Pork Politics Versus Health Care In New Mexico

Government is an unreliable refuge for victims of catastophic illness

Sen. Smith goes to Santa Fe. And Gov. Richardson plays hardball. The inside story on the New Mexico governor’s most controversial veto.

Voter Tech 101: Democracy Is What Truly Counts

How to head off the crisis in November

The arising distrust of electronic voting machines and their makers can be calmed by the simple application Tom Stoppard’s famous quote.

Welcome To Election Night Help Line

If the poll leaders are ahead, call Bombay

Diversity, in the view of the president of the National Association of Election Directors, is the best safeguard against vote rigging. But in New Mexico a few county clerks have taken diversity over the hill.

Max Coll Was A Very Good Citizen Legislator. . . A What?

Everything based on experience elsewhere fails in New Mexico

You’d think Max and Bill would be allies, having, you’d think, the same enemies. But everything based on experience elsewhere fails in New Mexico.

What If Spanish Catholics, Not Anglo Protestants, Colonized The U.S.?

Well, we’d just call it New Mexico

Harvard political scientist Samuel P. Huntington is bringing his cultural clash model home to the American Southwest, but it could be a clash crash

New Mexico And Arizona Are Not The Same

For example, they have different governors

OK. The governor of Arizona is from New Mexico. The northern New Mexico congressman is from Arizona. The two square border states voted the same on the same day. But they’re different, no?