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The Buddhists Had The Answer To The American War in Vietnam

Thich Nhat Hanh In Hanoi

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During the Vietnam war he spoke out against foreign ideology and foreign arms. He created a volunteer youth group to rebuild destroyed villages. He was consequently exiled. Now he was back, in peace.

Meditation In A Killing Field

What is the relationship of Buddhism to genocide?

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As the tour guide struggled through the life of the Buddha I watched a depressed monk smoke a cigarette and stare out toward a pile of skulls pressed against glass. I wondered what he was thinking.

It Was Not Shambala, This Village Full Of Life

Recalling a Buddhist ceremony in pre-modernThailand

On the eve of a return trip to Southeast Asia, I recalled a village scene 40 years ago that to me defines the difference in practice between the two “vehicles” of Buddhism. Theravada is not as lonely as Mahayana.