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The Oneness of New Mexico. Legislative, Executive, Judicial: unified! Politics and Government: same-same.

The Builder Governor

Remembering Jack Campbell

  By Larry Joseph Calloway   Jack M. Campbell / The autobiography of New Mexico’s first modern governor: as told to Maurice Trimmer with Charles C. Poling, University of New Mexico Press, 2016.   I was lucky to arrive in Santa Fe before its style, real estate and cultural conflicts went commercial and while Jack […]

A Short (journalistic) History Of New Mexico Politics

“Everything based on experience elsewhere fails in New Mexico” — Gov. Lew Wallace

Farewell To A True Public Servant

Maralyn Budke died Jan. 9, 2010, in Santa Fe

She sat with the ex governors, a woman among men, a Republican among (mostly) Democrats, blonde in New Mexico, demure, and the audience applauded. She fought cancer, sexism, political opportunists, and never lost site of ethics and public service.

Bruce King Was The Last Cowboy Governor — Anywhere

He was New Mexico’s longest-serving chief executive

I had no idea Bill Clinton would be there, but when he showed up I realized the story Bruce King told was true. Those early-riser breakfasts meant something.

Remembering (From A Journalistic Distance) The Boss Of Rio Arriba County, NM

The man who put patron in patronage

They said Emilio Naranjo could raise the dead and make them go to the polls on election day, which was only partly true.

Rovean Political Theory Meets Reality In New Mexico Congressional Race

What’s a mother to do?

Heather Wilson was nearly defeated by her Democratic challenger, Patricia Madrid, who said the Congresswoman “was not doing her job,” regarding Mark Foley. What was her job, anyway?

Revised View of The Texas Rangers: Secret Police

It’s not exactly Bush World

A new book on the Texas Rangers during the bloody decade of the Mexican Revolution recollected my strange first encounter with Reies Lopez Tijerina.

Ethics For Democrats, Duck For Republicans

Hunting for an independent judiciary

Recuse! Recuse! If the new Republican judicial puritans go any further, the entire judicial system will be disabled. Except for corporate lawyers, of course.

Border Water Fight Brings Down Wrath Of Richardson

Bill Richardson owns the executive, legislative and judicial branches of New Mexico government. Is local government next? The mayor of a dirt-poor border town is making his stand.

Part-time Legislature? Santa Fe Advice For Visiting Schwarzenegger

Part-time legislatures are no better than full-time legislatures, but if New Mexico is any clue, they are more submissive.