My post-election blues song: Prayer and hugging, sex and evangelizing, freedom for slaves in the Christian Confederacy.

Maybe I’ve been subjected to too many Karl Rove subliminal Jesus suggestions. Maybe I’ve spent too much time at Christ in the Desert. But I saw a religious context in the video of Eminem’s “Mosh”, on the internet near U.

Forget the catch phrases and imagery. This debate brought out the difference between Bush and Kerry on nuclear proliferation. It’s a down home issue where I come from.

Recuse! Recuse! If the new Republican judicial puritans go any further, the entire judicial system will be disabled. Except for corporate lawyers, of course.

The Telluride Film Festival chose only one of the many new movies about Iraq. It’s a digital film from a digital war. And it’s about soldiers.

Mid-Americans don’t really care where their running shoes are glued together as long as they’re affordable. So does it matter where their books are put together?

Bill Richardson owns the executive, legislative and judicial branches of New Mexico government. Is local government next? The mayor of a dirt-poor border town is making his stand.

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