Stuck in a slithering python of a traffic jam in Salt Lake City, I wondered what Brigham Young would think. I mean, when he said, “This is the place,” he surely did not mean the place for hopeless urbanization.

The main character of “No Country For Old Men” is squarely on the conservative side of the cultural war, but it’s a mistake to read this as a political novel. And a problem for the nation.

My blog from the 2005 Telluride Film Festival. On terrorism and murder and seeing the world through movies and love in Singapore, Taiwan, Paris and even New York City.

What is a non-government to do when surrounded by government? Crestone Baca Grande v. Great Sand Dunes National Park.

The president did Lyle Anderson a favor by playing golf at Las Campanas, but Democrats probably wouldn’t go near the place.

The Shumei Institute, one of the spiritual centers where I live, celebrated its third anniversary. Sometimes I can’t help being a reporter. . .

My report on the political crisis in the tiny Carribean nation that happens to be located in Central America. Nobody could phone out the story as it happened because the phones were all sabotaged.

When John Paul II died, the media actors praised him as a a great actor. But he also was a writer, and the written word is revealing. Consider his “Fides et Ratio.”

In one NRA ad, a defiant Charlton Heston carried a double barrel shotgun, unloaded, open at the breach and breaking nicely over his right shoulder. On the other hand, there’s reality on Molas Pass.

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