Is the Forest Service complicit in poor planning by a developer? It would not the first time that the snowfall in the south San Juan mountains has been ignored, with disastrous results.

The video in which Chinese riflemen fire on escaping Tibetan refugees on Nangpa Pass took me back to April 2002 in the Nepali Khumbu village of Thame and asked a question.

Heather Wilson was nearly defeated by her Democratic challenger, Patricia Madrid, who said the Congresswoman “was not doing her job,” regarding Mark Foley. What was her job, anyway?

Artful, original and surprising: making movies in a time of (we are told) war. “The Last King of Scotland,” “The U.S. versus John Lennon,” “Volver,” and more.

You might think I have a morbid attitude, visiting a death site and all, but on this particular weekend it figured. There had been a synchronistic them.

Who will protect the right of privacy? The President? The Congress? The Supreme Court? Do we have to pick any of them? How about the phone companies?

As the tour guide struggled through the life of the Buddha I watched a depressed monk smoke a cigarette and stare out toward a pile of skulls pressed against glass. I wondered what he was thinking.

On the eve of a return trip to Southeast Asia, I recalled a village scene 40 years ago that to me defines the difference in practice between the two “vehicles” of Buddhism. Theravada is not as lonely as Mahayana.

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