Second SLV Ag-worker Outbreak

Valley Covid-19 Count: 110 Cases and 3 Deaths

TWENTY-FIVE WORKERS at a potato warehouse in the middle of the San Luis Valley have tested positive for covid-19. The outbreak was verified by coronavirus testing at Mountain King Spud Growers near Center, where one man died of the infection. It is the second Valley outbreak involving agricultural workers, accounting for about one-third of the […]


Plus, Valley Health And Trump's West

  THE CRESTONE END OF LIFE PROJECT, which sponsors the community’s open-air cremations at a place called the “Pyre” on a hill, has discontinued them until the pandemic is over. No surprise. Funerals everywhere are cancelled. The surprise in the announcement, in the Crestone Eagle, was a forewarning about the invasive machines called ventilators. Many […]


Saguache County, Seven More

A COVID CLUSTER  involving 11 workers at the Colorado Mushroom Farm in Alamosa brought to 25 the coronavirus positive tests reported by the state health department for Alamosa County as the week ended.  The state reported only five cases in Saguache County after a month of three.  But the Valley News said local health department […]


Keep Yer Distance, Pilgrim

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Experiencing extreme social distancing at home on May Day, I was reminded of something I wrote as a journalist that was never published because I could not figure out how to make it topical. It was about the first American Maypole. Thomas Morton, a relocated London barrister, planted it in 1627 on a hill aboveMassachusetts Bay. […]


Politics And Coronavirus

By Larry Joseph Calloway THE HIGHEST coronavirus infection rate among counties adjacent to Saguache County continues to be in Gunnison County, where emergency orders, among other restrictions,  banned non-residents from visiting their second homes at Crested Butte winter resort — but an exception was made later for wealthy Texas Republicans, according to an Associated Press report. […]


China Tells You How To Cope With Quarantine

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By LARRY JOSEPH CALLOWAY (C) A Chinese classic, the Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu, offers a wise thought experiment for our pandemic times. Here is my literal translation of Verse 80 with updates in brackets: Little country, few people  [Small mountain town, closed to tourists] Devices that can do the work of 10-100    […]

Winning the West: The Military-Industrial Thesis

How the Union army continued west after the Civil War. Reviews of "Lakota America" by Pekka Hamalainen and "West from Appomattox" by Heather Cox Richardson

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  By LARRY JOSEPH CALLOWAY (C) (Photos (c) are by the author unless otherwise credited) Along T-shirt row in Deadwood, the gold-gulch town in South Dakota’s Black Hills, you can read silk-screened homages to bikers, gunfighters, gamblers, anti-immigrant soldiers (“If you are reading this in English, thank the U.S. military.”)  and the armed protection of […]