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On democracy as entertainment, plus serious things.

Baca Grande Membership Vote Update.  See Baca Blog. . .    By Larry Joseph Calloway The anti-government passion that animates politics nationally was echoing off the walls at Jillian’s studio, where I have experienced yoga classes, a Sufi zirka, a feng schui talk, a sales pitch for ionized water, and such. Crestone is not where […]

The mine rescue resulting in national pride and universal acclaim for Chile was indeed “historic,” but not in the cable news context.

They could not defeat Barack Obama by copying the words. His message came from the heart, and his oratory used a “trick” that was inconceivable and too risky for most politicians.

Who will protect the right of privacy? The President? The Congress? The Supreme Court? Do we have to pick any of them? How about the phone companies?

My post-election blues song: Prayer and hugging, sex and evangelizing, freedom for slaves in the Christian Confederacy.

Maybe I’ve been subjected to too many Karl Rove subliminal Jesus suggestions. Maybe I’ve spent too much time at Christ in the Desert. But I saw a religious context in the video of Eminem’s “Mosh”, on the internet near U.

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