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Southern Colorado and northern New Mexico: Life in the Rio Grande West.

WILD RASPBERRIES: They  are  were red and ripening in the high country above Crestone-Baca, whole bushes of them. I have heard its the best season in years. This photo was taken Aug. 13 at 9,000 feet in one of  the canyons. PRIMARY ELECTION: Saguache County Commissioner Linda Joseph narrowly defeated challenger Tim Lovato in the Democratic […]

My letter to the government, which to paraphrase Emily Dickenson, never wrote to me. Submitted as comment on the finding of no significant impact in the Baca Refuge case.

You might think I have a morbid attitude, visiting a death site and all, but on this particular weekend it figured. There had been a synchronistic them.

What is a non-government to do when surrounded by government? Crestone Baca Grande v. Great Sand Dunes National Park.

The president did Lyle Anderson a favor by playing golf at Las Campanas, but Democrats probably wouldn’t go near the place.

The Shumei Institute, one of the spiritual centers where I live, celebrated its third anniversary. Sometimes I can’t help being a reporter. . .

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