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Stories From Telluride

My Review Of A Festival Of Films

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The 40th Telluride Film Festival opened unceremoniously with the first North American screening of “ALL IS LOST” in a fine new high-tech theatre. Robert Redford stood out of the light as director-writer J. C. Chandor told us: “This film is about YOU.” He paused, or faltered, continuing: “About you and the end of your life.” […]

Everything We Know Comes From Roger Corman

Report From The Telluride Film Festival

By LARRY CALLOWAY  (Originally posted Sept. 9, 2012) Knock. Knock. Who’s there? Argo. Argo who? Argo Fuckyerself. This punch line — the line, not the whole joke — is a running gag in Ben Affleck’s “Argo,”  based on the rescue of six Americans who hid in the Canadian embassy during the 1979 Iranian hostage crisis. […]

The 38th Telluride Film Festival

A Fine High Celebration Of Movies As Art

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A group of us with some surprise received a warm personal welcome to the Telluride Film Festival from one of its co-directors, Gary Meyer, who then ushered us in to the intimate Le Pierre theatre for a special screening, just for us. No, we were not the press – Telluride gives no privileges to the […]

Report From The Telluride Film Festival

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It wouldn’t be released until late November, but by Labor Day the critics were suggesting awards for “The King’s Speech.”

Coming Of Age at the 2009 Telluride Film Festival

Because the mysterious selectors at the Telluride Film Festival are in touch with the industry globally, clusters of films happen, themes emerge.

Why “American Violet” Is Art, Not Polemics

My impressions of the 35th Telluride Film Festival

If you want to send a message, go to Western Union, John Ford said. But the message here is not the medium. Suspend judgment and cross that cynical distance.

The 33rd Telluride Film Festival And The Sudden End Of The Pence Era

My Favorite New Film:

Artful, original and surprising: making movies in a time of (we are told) war. “The Last King of Scotland,” “The U.S. versus John Lennon,” “Volver,” and more.

Go To Telluride, See The World

The 2005 film festival

My blog from the 2005 Telluride Film Festival. On terrorism and murder and seeing the world through movies and love in Singapore, Taiwan, Paris and even New York City.