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Report From The Telluride Film Festival

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It wouldn’t be released until late November, but by Labor Day the critics were suggesting awards for “The King’s Speech.”

The Mansur Bombing And The Second Debate

How can George Bush agonize over stem-cell research and not the bombing of thousands of innocent civilians?

Letter From Baghdad

The Telluride Film Festival showed only one film about Iraq

The Telluride Film Festival chose only one of the many new movies about Iraq. It’s a digital film from a digital war. And it’s about soldiers.

WMD’s As A First Casualty Science Kind Of Thing

What is truth anyway? What is mass destruction?

Did the media just go blank on the propaganda that supported the first Gulf War? At least The New York Times and Bob Woodward have published apologies.

Iraq Explained In Terms of the Stanford Prison Experiment

But that was 1971, and a woman stopped it

The psychological explanation for Abu Ghraib currently circulating in the media doesn’t let the military command off the hook. John Kerry is missing another opportunity here.