New Mexico Legislature: Going Loco Over In Loco Parentis

Your body is not your own, just like them chickens

A suggested compromise that would make opponents of cockfighting feel good, if not completely satisfied, and would indulge the legislature’s parental inclinations

Bloggy Day In Undone Town: A Santa Fe Story And Other Tales

Did you get everything on your list?

The former Great Books student faced the former grocery sacker in a State Senate committee room. A lot had happened in 35 years. A Santa Fe story. . .

Legislative Herbicide: A Bill To Get Rid Of Those Annoying Greens

But the Green Party is no garden club. . .

If it were really about the fairness of using your money for the convenience of a political party of which you are not a member, then maybe the Democrats should pay for their own primary elections.

Richardson Takes New Mexico On A Fast Ride Over The Speed Bumps

But school buses will have to slow down

He used to be called a young man in a hurry but no one knew where he was going. Now we know. But will the voters of New Mexico follow as Bill Richardson takes over the public schools?

Ernie Mills: The Voice From Santa Fe Goes Off The Air

Memorial service planned for St. Patrick’s Day at the Capitol

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He loved politics, and all politicians interested him, no matter what their views. Some never caught on that the key to getting along with Ernie Mills was ethics. Stuck with probes and sensors in intensive care, he was still a tough old guy.

Persuade? Negotiate? Hey, This Governor Obviously Is No Republican

New Mexico has tried 150 years of colonial resistance, 50 years of make everyone happy Democracy and eight years of gridlock. Now we’re trying it Bill’s way.

The Man Who Found Trinity Site

Remembering David Hawkins

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As a kid at La Luz, said the beloved MacArthur Prize philosopher, “We wandered all over the Tularosa Basin, one way or another, looking for minerals, looking for excitement, looking for rattlesnakes.”

Be Sure To Include U.S. Senate In Your Resignation Letter

Listening in on the boss

Using the highest nonpolitical personnel procedures, said the governor, have him confess to misfeasance in office, unsound fiscal policy, poor negotiation skills, robbery, burglary and bad putting.

JUNE 5, 1967

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Reies Lopez Tijerina, now legend, led the attack in Tierra Amarilla, NM. “God forbid,” he said, “I felt a spirit.” It was not terrorism. It was. . . rage.

November 20, 1902

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The chairman of the U.S. Senate subcommittee on statehood got off the train, rode around Las Vegas and asked why all the market signs were in Spanish.