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Albatross, Bear Print, Broken Jar, Hermit, King’s Horseman, Empty Road

A year-ender on my lucky travels east and west, north and south in 2007

As an old journalist, I could not resist the customary year in review, particularly this year. The world is so full of a number things — east, west, north and south.

Big Constitutional Confrontation On The Right Of Privacy?

Why Don’t You Guys Just Leave Us Alone?

Who will protect the right of privacy? The President? The Congress? The Supreme Court? Do we have to pick any of them? How about the phone companies?

Faith and Reason, Reason and Faith

Ghost World II

When John Paul II died, the media actors praised him as a a great actor. But he also was a writer, and the written word is revealing. Consider his “Fides et Ratio.”

Old And Crazy And Mumbling And Brilliant

Hunter S. Thompson, Ernest Hemingway

Thoughts on the timely death of Hunter S. Thompson. With reference to Hemingway and some Christian Republican political figures.

On The Death Of A Scientist, And An Era

Ernst Mayr was 100 years old and working on another book

Ernst Mayr said it: Evolution is as much of a fact as the observation that the earth goes around the sun.

He Voted Against Canadian Drugs Before He Voted For Them

Cheap shots in the presidential campaign

I got a flu shot for the most indefensible or reasons, as Bill Clinton would say, because I could. Then I felt a cold paranoia starting in my arm: Was this a third-worlds trick?

The Man Who Found Trinity Site

Remembering David Hawkins

Post Image

As a kid at La Luz, said the beloved MacArthur Prize philosopher, “We wandered all over the Tularosa Basin, one way or another, looking for minerals, looking for excitement, looking for rattlesnakes.”