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Southern Colorado and northern New Mexico: Life in the Rio Grande West.

A Long Time On The Colorado Plateau

What happened there anyway?

Without planning it that way, I have spent a lifetime looking for the Anasazi. In books. In clefts in cliffs, as Gary Snyder put it.

Bird By Bird

That’s the word. . .

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Bird pictures big and small.

SunCatcher Noise May Sink CO Project

Health, welfare, safety, etc. But what if folks just don’t want it?

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The Dec. 6 hearing draw a standing-room crowd at the Saguache County Courthouse. The noise of these solar Stirling engines is what drew the most opposition.

Hiroshima Day

Sixty years later

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They were teenagers from Japan, summer students at the Shumei Institute near my home. It was the 60th anniversary of the Japanese surrender ending World War II. They gave me paper cranes.

In The Hard Heart Of The Sangres

Some Mountains Are Manly, Some Not

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I got her number but not her name. Thoughts of a trog in June.