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The Telluride Film Festival is a fine, high celebration of movies as art.

The 33rd Telluride Film Festival And The Sudden End Of The Pence Era

My Favorite New Film:

Artful, original and surprising: making movies in a time of (we are told) war. “The Last King of Scotland,” “The U.S. versus John Lennon,” “Volver,” and more.

Go To Telluride, See The World

The 2005 film festival

My blog from the 2005 Telluride Film Festival. On terrorism and murder and seeing the world through movies and love in Singapore, Taiwan, Paris and even New York City.

Zen And The Art of “Ghost World.”

Saving Terri Schiavo

My interpretation of the indie film “Ghost World” in the light of an ancient Chinese koan.

Letter From Baghdad

The Telluride Film Festival showed only one film about Iraq

The Telluride Film Festival chose only one of the many new movies about Iraq. It’s a digital film from a digital war. And it’s about soldiers.

The Firebombing Of Japan: An Apology

Errol Morris Presents Robert S. McNamara

The maker of “The Thin Blue Line” and other artful documentary films interviewed Robert S. McNamara for 20 hours and came up with. . . the 20th Century, personified.