Monthly Archives: October 2004

The Hooded Figure Factor: Surviving Born-again Government

Plus, a few unpolled factors giving New Mexico to Kerry

Maybe I’ve been subjected to too many Karl Rove subliminal Jesus suggestions. Maybe I’ve spent too much time at Christ in the Desert. But I saw a religious context in the video of Eminem’s “Mosh”, on the internet near U.

He Voted Against Canadian Drugs Before He Voted For Them

Cheap shots in the presidential campaign

I got a flu shot for the most indefensible or reasons, as Bill Clinton would say, because I could. Then I felt a cold paranoia starting in my arm: Was this a third-worlds trick?

The Mansur Bombing And The Second Debate

How can George Bush agonize over stem-cell research and not the bombing of thousands of innocent civilians?

Wonkie Impressions From The First Debate

Wherein I sonorously supplant the colossal bloggers

Forget the catch phrases and imagery. This debate brought out the difference between Bush and Kerry on nuclear proliferation. It’s a down home issue where I come from.