Monthly Archives: July 2004

Let Us Now Salute Max Cleland

There is a larger band of brothers

The networks were indulging in their “survivor” show fare, but he was impressive on C-Span, with his FDR way of gesturing with his head and neck, this true survivor who called John Kerry “my bother.”

Appreciating The Democratic National Convention As Art

How to survive the tyranny of cliches

Teresa Heinz Kerry was right. The media celebrities intent upon enforcing a sort of high school code of popularity, good looks and cliches should go shove it.

Word From The Mountain: Natural Law And Taylor Ranch

Wood Cutters, Grazers, Loggers. . . Not So Fast There, Peak Baggers

Some rights to use land come, not out of the literal terms contracts, but rather out of “pre-existing and higher authority of laws of nature, of nations, or of the community to which the parties belong,” the Colorado territorial court said in 1872.

Open Flame In House Of Oil

Tired of NM politics, I go to the movies

Why does the White House give special access to an anti-American, royalist, untrustworthy and unreliable foreign power? See the movie, read the book.