Monthly Archives: December 2003

Year In Review: Bill Richardson Changed The NM Constitution

Not that there’s anything wrong with that

Trouble with a judge? The highways? The schools? Who ya gonna call? In New Mexico now, you call the governor’s office.

Can A Good Politician Make It Rain?

Keep the faith, New Mexico

New Mexico’s response to the drought is being written by lawyers and political experts. Meteorologists and geologists don’t write that good.

The Struggle To Define What’s Wrong With Talk Radio

A review of two speeches in which national news executives express to their colleagues why paid political diatribes are becoming a threat to their traditional journalism.

Some Rapid Reading About Rapid Transit

(Or, Light Reading About Light Rail)

Too bad rapid Bill Richardson’s idea about light rail transportation avoids the Albuquerque Central problem. Too bad Mayor Martin Chavez is unrealistic. Urban light rail works in the four biggest North American Rocky Mountain metro areas. The fifth is Albuquerque. Impossible dream?