Monthly Archives: May 2003

Concerning The Appointment of Felons To High Positions

Does 2 per cent bad apples represent the population?

Governor’s man Contarino says 98 per cent is a pretty good average for non-felonious appointments. Are they giving the real politicians a bad name?

Two Views How Dendahl Became Political History

Did the drug chickens come home to roost?

Was it the libertarian drug issue or superior organization that defeated John Dendahl as New Mexico Republican state chairman? Whatever. . . Politics ain’t simple.

Another Item For The Closing Statement

You could be fined $1,000 for failing to file a price affidavit on recording a real estate contract or deed, but if you wanta to know what houses are going for in your neighborhood, you still have to see a Realtor.

Invasion Of The Pennsylvania Hired Killer Hit Fish!

Go ahead, make Mother Nature’s day

You have to wonder upon reading New Mexico Game and Fish news if there are any natives left in New Mexico. Biologically speaking. . .

You Can’t Separate Science and Politics

Praise The Lard. . . .

New Mexico gets $168 per person this year in pork barrell spending from Congress — fourth highest in the nation — according to a Washington anti-waste group. Should we feel guilty?

Drought Cycle Is Not Something You Ride Around Moab

Ed Abbey somehow has made his way to Heaven

Another four years of this and Lake Powell could be a mud puddle? Surely the Bureau of Reclamation will think of something. Right?

How Urban Sprawl Makes Democrats Look Like Republicans

Political warming in the post-Dendahl era

In the post-Dendahl era of political warming, the Democrats and Republicans may be dropping all pretense that they are polarized on environmental and business issues.

Checkout Questions: Paper or Plastic? Exemption or Rebate?

Exemption or Rebate? The Blue Ribbon Commission Has Guys on Both Sides

Low Income Comprehensive Tax Rebate? Apparently nobody understands it except people with a lot of time on their hands. Like prisoners.