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Sun Tsu Would Be Shocked


There was no firepower in China’s Warring States period. The “shock and awe” attributed to Sun Tzu’s classic, “The Art of War,” is about deception, surprise, and the use of unexpected and unconventional small forces. Is Saddam about to be surprised?

Richardson: It’s My Way At Highway

Accountable Bill takes over the Transportation Commission

It was probably the most insulated executive commission in New Mexico government. Not any more. Bill Richardson got the 2003 Legislature to erase the political boundaries around the Transportation Commission.

How To Have An Open Meeting Without Disclosing Anything

Taking the media for a ride

Suppose “the Santa Fe Mafia,” as a Republican news releaser called the House leaders, were governed by the public meeting resolution proposed by House Minority Leader Ted Hobbs?

Richardson To Face New Mexico Voters Again

School reform, trust funds, and the

One of the perils of being Gov. Bill Richardson is the net of side issues that can tangle his school reform agenda, which will depend upon voter ratification of constitutional amendments. But if the money doesn’t come through, there’s always the “war premium.”

Legislative Retirement Math: 20 X 0 = $20,000

They work hard, but not hard enough on the actuarials

The pitch is that legislative retirement will be paid by collection of an uncollected tax. Namely, the income tax due on oil and gas royalties sent out of state. Otherwise, no deal. What are these guys? Tax bounty hunters?

New Mexico Legislature: Going Loco Over In Loco Parentis

Your body is not your own, just like them chickens

A suggested compromise that would make opponents of cockfighting feel good, if not completely satisfied, and would indulge the legislature’s parental inclinations

Bloggy Day In Undone Town: A Santa Fe Story And Other Tales

Did you get everything on your list?

The former Great Books student faced the former grocery sacker in a State Senate committee room. A lot had happened in 35 years. A Santa Fe story. . .

Legislative Herbicide: A Bill To Get Rid Of Those Annoying Greens

But the Green Party is no garden club. . .

If it were really about the fairness of using your money for the convenience of a political party of which you are not a member, then maybe the Democrats should pay for their own primary elections.

Richardson Takes New Mexico On A Fast Ride Over The Speed Bumps

But school buses will have to slow down

He used to be called a young man in a hurry but no one knew where he was going. Now we know. But will the voters of New Mexico follow as Bill Richardson takes over the public schools?

Ernie Mills: The Voice From Santa Fe Goes Off The Air

Memorial service planned for St. Patrick’s Day at the Capitol

Post Image

He loved politics, and all politicians interested him, no matter what their views. Some never caught on that the key to getting along with Ernie Mills was ethics. Stuck with probes and sensors in intensive care, he was still a tough old guy.