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There’s A Red Light Blinking On The NM Political Machine

Roman Maes, a powerful Democratic state senator going for a sixth term from liberal Santa Fe, defeated himself by indulging in conservative rants. Your attention, please, Bill Richardson.

Year In Review: Bill Richardson Changed The NM Constitution

Trouble with a judge? The highways? The schools? Who ya gonna call? In New Mexico now, you call the governor’s office.

How About An Independent Judiciary?

A partnership between the executive and the judiciary in the American form of government is suspect, even if it’s for a good cause, like fighting terrorism or drunk driving.

Don’t Answer The Phone, Bill, It’s That Telemarketer Again

It’s not a credit card, not a debit card. It’s the new, the wonderful, the magic National Deficit Card! Bill Richardson and the phantom debt-planning telemarketer.

Concerning The Appointment of Felons To High Positions

Governor’s man Contarino says 98 per cent is a pretty good average for non-felonious appointments. Are they giving the real politicians a bad name?

Now The Highway Program Is Between The Governor And The Legislature

Bill Richardson could resort to refinancing the Gary Johnson bonds, but that’s only a temporary solution to New Mexico’s empty road fund. And then there’s the fight between the planners and the legislators.

Richardson: It’s My Way At Highway

It was probably the most insulated executive commission in New Mexico government. Not any more. Bill Richardson got the 2003 Legislature to erase the political boundaries around the Transportation Commission.

How To Have An Open Meeting Without Disclosing Anything

Suppose “the Santa Fe Mafia,” as a Republican news releaser called the House leaders, were governed by the public meeting resolution proposed by House Minority Leader Ted Hobbs?

Richardson To Face New Mexico Voters Again

One of the perils of being Gov. Bill Richardson is the net of side issues that can tangle his school reform agenda, which will depend upon voter ratification of constitutional amendments. But if the money doesn’t come through, there’s always the “war premium.”

Richardson Takes New Mexico On A Fast Ride Over The Speed Bumps

He used to be called a young man in a hurry but no one knew where he was going. Now we know. But will the voters of New Mexico follow as Bill Richardson takes over the public schools?