Monthly Archives: July 2003

Two Cases On Parental Rights

New Mexico does not look favorably on nonsupporting fathers. Or negligent mothers.

Here’s The Opinion — Will The Appropriation Be In The Mail?

The agency that watches judges and magistrates needs more money worse than it needs continuity of membership, goes the implicit argument of the Supreme Court majority. Well, first let’s retain the continuity, goes the dissent.

Is The Judicial Watchdog In The Governor’s Lap?

Judicial reform has always been a rough road, but now there’s a big pot hole, courtesy of the State Supreme Court and Gov. Bill Richardson.

Friends of the C&T: “America’s Premier Historic Railroad”

With a little help from its friends, the Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad is the last best remnant of the narrow guage. And the Chama yards are free and open to the public. Also, you can find parking.

The Santa Fe Rain Barrel Polka

Every rich retiree needs several, under each picturesque canale, but are they safe? Has there been an environmental impact statement on the Santa Fe Rain barrells?